by neverenteredmymind

3 Cooking reference books that I must add to my culinary repertoire. Very, very soon.

Ad hoc at home. I recently borrowed this absolutely MOUTH WATERING book from a friend, and he admittedly had to pry it back from my fingertips. While it was in my very appreciative hands, I made the braised beef short ribs, the herb crusted rack of lamb, and the catalan beef stew. All were phenomenal, and as Keller promises, brilliant man that he is,  all deeply satisfying to the cooks soul.

Ratio. Michael Ruhlman is a big influence in my life. Strangely enough, I can’t recall what first got me thinking that I wanted to become a cook, but I do remember that Ruhlman’s Soul of a Chef was bought and devoured in the beginning stages of the decision. It was somewhere between his initial description of Per Se and his closing words, “..there’s always this: the kitchen. We’ve all got to eat…That’s where greatness begins.”, that I registered in culinary school. His blog has since become a daily read of mine, and I am confident that his breakthrough concepts in Ratio would not disappoint.

And this. A cookery reference book with McGee as the author speaks for itself. If all those glossy, dime-a-dozen, “30 Minute Meals” cookbooks which I know frequent North American households could be swapped up with THIS, I have a good feeling that our culture would have an attitude change on food. And I feel very strongly about this. I may have to call up Jamie Oliver.