Life is beautiful

by neverenteredmymind

Well, ladies and gents, for me today started out with opening up the most perfect avocado, and some few hours after that I found myself shaking hands with the fabulous Anthony Sedlak. Life is surprising and hilarious sometimes. I randomly decided to meander into a local gourmet food store today, rather aimlessly, and somewhere between picking up a sieve and a slotted spoon, I got wind of a cooking class going on this evening with Food Networks Sedlak. He was, in fact, just upstairs prepping. And, sorry, what’s that? Completely welcome to signing a book for a random customer, such as myself you say? Um… done. In an inevitable blur, I made my way to the top of the stairs and met the guy whose show The Main I definitely frequented in the years leading to my enrollment into culinary school. He was larger than life to my five foot nothing frame, and completely chill and energetic at the same time. As I left with my autographed book, walking back to my car, a fit of laughter came over me that felt so completely foreign and made me realize that I have not laughed at the randomness of life in quite some time. Note to self: must laugh more often. Also, Anthony Sedlak is a babe.