by neverenteredmymind


Oh, the celebrated madeleine. How wonderfully delicate they look, with their sponge cake consistency and seashell mold. The circumstances surrounding my first attempt at the Combray cookie were high stakes. I was to come up with two cookies appropriate for a valentines day dessert platter for two at the restaurant. I thought these were appropriate, a cookie indigenous to a romantic country for a romantic day. All would have been well, if I had taken 2 seconds to gather some research. Honestly, I shudder at the dense excuse for a cookie I put on the platter that evening. However, I feel a sense of redemption with this second attempt. Sheer pride is the only way to describe it. And David Lebovitz is the brilliant man I have to thank. From him I learned that the madeleine recipe is, in fact, a simple one, though laden with necessary precisions. The mold must be coated with butter and flour, then frozen. The butter must be melted, then thoroughly cooled to room temperature before added to the batter. It is also critical for the batter to rest at least 3 hours. There is much speculation on the use of baking powder in the recipe, but I opted for its use because I just wasn’t in the mood for failure.

And so, with Lebovitz’s guidance, fail I did not. My first 3-hour-rested batch was {joyfully} dipped in a dark chocolate ganache. They were light and perfectly moist, and rose with that ever sought hump on their back end. I let a second batch rest over night, and the cookies turned out equally as lovely. I dare say these babies would have brought Proust out of his grave and back to his sunday mornings in Combray! (Or would they..)

Cup of tea photo via love made me do it