3 places to eat: in the sky, in a field, out of time

by neverenteredmymind

Dining out has come a long way from the restaurant-bars, known as thermopolia, of ancient Rome and the 11th century catering industry in Kaifeng, China. These days, it’s difficult for a restaurant to distinguish itself amongst such vast company. The following places to eat, however, have done a superb job in setting themselves apart.

Dinner in the sky has been held in over 30 countries around the world. A crane (and a team of professionals) suspends a table of up to 22 people and 3 chefs 50 meters in the sky. Which air space would you rather eat a five course meal in? Maybe Las Vegas on New Years Eve? In Paris over looking the Eiffel tower? Chilling next to the Amiens Cathedral in Picardy?  If you can settle your stomach enough to digest a meal or two, the sky’s the limit. Literally.

Outstanding in the Field is a little more down to earth (pun intended), but equally as incredible. Since 1999, Chef Jim Denevan and his team have been traveling the world in a big red and white bus, organizing intimate farm to table dinners which showcase a particular regions farmers, artisans and chefs. Dining in the great outdoors, with spectacular skies and seas and mountains surrounding you, that is what food is all about.

Next is Chef Grant Achatz’s newest and most talk about venture. You can find the restaurant in Chicago, but once you enter the building you will find yourself in an entirely alternate location and time. There will be four menus a year, each featuring a different city in a different era, from Paris in 1906 (the opening menu) to Hong Kong in the 2030’s. The innovative restaurant is surprisingly affordable, although I can imagine it is not so easy to pin down a reservation. The cocktail restaurant next door, The Aviary, doesn’t even accept reservations, instead it will send out text messages to waiting customers in the (unlikely) event of a table opening. Even more mysterious (if that’s  possible) is the speakeasy which will be located below the lounge. Intrigued? I know I am..