The Last Supper

by neverenteredmymind


For those of us out there who haven’t had a chance in the past decade-or won’t in the next three months- to experience Chef Adria’s genius at El Bulli, life seems just a little bit less… exciting. “Really? It’s just…closing? The best restaurant in the world this side of the 21st century, that ultimate dream for foodies and chefs alike, is shouting its last call?” What’s next- French Laundry? Alinea? Is there any justice?

I’m not so sure. In 2014, the restaurant will reopen as an “academic research foundation”, where workshops devoted to the study of molecular gastronomy will be available to a select elite (Audible sigh ensues with realization of slim chance I will ever be said elite). And so it’s with immense jealousy that I read about the dinner thrown for 50 guests at the hands of 50 chefs at El Bulli last month. From someone who missed out on 50 mind blowing courses preceded by tomato cookies and beet root meringues, here’s to the next best culinary experience soon to come, inevitably from an Adria-devotee. The now empty space on my bucket list looks forward to it!

Photos via Fete Accompli | The Last days of El Bulli, NYtimes blog