Hitchcock, gin cocktails & seared tenderloin with risotto

by neverenteredmymind

Some things just go together. Like a bloody steak and a perfect murder. Like Gracy Kelly and a fabulous dress. Like Hitchcock and cocktails. And of course, Alfred Hitchcock knew all this very well. Kelly appeared in three of his most popular thrillers, always threatening to steal the show in her gorgeous gowns, often with cocktail in hand- a perfect accompaniment to the murderous plots surrounding her. Despite the horrific undertones of murder orchestrated under Hitchcock’s direction, like Kelly, his films never fail to exude class.

In Dial M for murder, a vengeful ex- tennis pro schemes to murder his beautiful wife after discovering her sordid love affair with an American. The film carries all the elements with which modern Hollywood would love to tarnish with shock value and crudeness, yet, as always, Hitchcock tells his homicidal story tastefully while still proving wildly entertaining.

Speaking of taste, the tenderloin entree we paired with the film satisfied our palettes brilliantly. We served the succulent steak with sauteed garlic prawns, a creamy hericot vert risotto and a rich red wine demi glace. Our cocktail of choice- gin, always gin– was inspired by the brilliant quite continental charm school and by george if you have not yet attended, go at once!